We are working on a campaign to revamp marketing material and the visually-driven presence of Southern Illinois University's marching band on campus and the community. The SIU Marching Salukis is made up of nearly 200 musicians from across disciplines at the university and are known for their iconic uniform's look. Through a mix of visually driven materials for social media, athletic events and marketing/recruitment efforts, we are working on revamping the look of the Marching Salukis.

Below you will see a sample of the 11x17 posters we created for the group to be distributed in the community and among high schools throughout the state and region.

The "Game Day Experience" was one of the top priorities given as it is the environment where the ensemble receives most of its viewership. In planning for that, we created an introduction video to play as the band is entering the field as well as custom social media loops to post on each game day and create interaction with the School of Music's social media pages.

We continue working with the Marching Salukis and the SIU School of Music in this endeavor. Please stay tuned for further updates and new materials.